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Our Story

I first began dabbling with web site design in the late 90s, before the prevalence of smartphones, using (the now extinct) web design platform called FrontPage!  What began as an online diary (remembering this was a time before blogs) soon turned into a thriving web site business.

The past two decades have transformed the way we use the internet, the way we connect with others, the way we communicate, and the way we conduct business.

Web sites need to not only be eye-catching, but also functional and responsive - so that they seamless adjust to whatever device your visitors are using.

After many years of creating Joomla web sites, I have transitioned over to the Wix platform for its ease of use - giving my clients the opportunity to make quick and easy updates to their sites for themselves - thereby saving them time and money! 

(Of course, if you'd rather concentrate your resources on what you do best, you can employ me to make updates for you.)

Last but not least, I have extensive experience writing copy for web sites and newsletters and can assist you with writing catchy, informative content too.